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  • Nickname Crystal
  • Date of Birth Feb 01, 2016
  • Colour Black and Tan
  • Owners Nikki
  • Registration Sambonnie 111111111111
  • rank_math_internal_links_processed 1
  • rank_math_analytic_object_id 14

This bitch is light in bone and structure, but, man, she is a true working Rottweiler and must be worked all the time to make her mentally tired.

She is an all rounder and we hunt often on the farm with her. She is also my partners assist dog and will pull socks of his feet, pick up tools, the phone, dishes, etc, and help him to a sitting position. She will also get things out of the freezer for him. She is extremely bright, too, and has a strong will to please.

Health & Screenings

  • Vaccination


    • Vet Labs
    • 01 Wed Nov
  • Hip Score

Achievements & Titles

  • NZ Champion